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Solar Power System

Every day, the Earth receives more energy from the sun than mankind uses in a year. Still, solar energy remains a tiny sliver in the global energy mix. Falling prices and better efficiency could change this, but can it happen fast enough?


When it comes to meeting energy needs, humanity has not been able to eliminate the middle man. The energy we use today comes from the sun, but we get it indirectly. Sunrays fed countless generations of plants and organisms millions of years ago, which we now use to burn to produce electricity, heat our homes, and run our cars. Its heat also strikes up the winds that we use to sail ships and run turbines. Despite our dependence on the sun, mankind has still not fully realized the potential of harnessing the sun's vast energy directly.


However, we at Next solutions Limited provide a way for you to produce the energy you consume, from sunshine instead of coal, gas or nuclear energy. Solar technology has evolved to the point that everything you need to create and use your own electricity is in our warehouses. Solar panels are cheaper, inverters more efficient and wiring techniques recognized by utilities.


We  supply solar energy  products  (of  high quality), at very  competitive  prices. In  addition,  we  design and install the systems in conjunction with approved contractors in various countries. Our products and systems include solar panels wind and hybrid systems, DC-­‐AC inverters, charge regulators, energy efficient light bulbs/fluorescent lamps, water pumps, solar chargers, batteries and many more.

Harness the power of the sun


Producing your own power offsets the electricity you purchase from your utility. Because Solar Power Systems is a one-­‐time investment, the price of the electricity you generate from solar does not increase  and  protects you  from  increasing  electricity costs.

Protect the Planet


Generating clean energy with a Solar Power System avoids the use of less renewable forms of energy. No pollution, green house gases or toxic waste disposal.

We work with consumers, groups for micro grids and power parks, utilities for central station and distributed-­‐generation applications, skilled labor to mount, monitor and maintain systems, and these include

  • Researchers & Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Skilled Laborers – roofers, electrical and metalworkers, machinists, transportation engineers

Power Backup Systems


Many people have installed gas or diesel generators to power their houses where electricity is not found. These units can run reliably for days or even weeks at a time, but they also require refueling. Additionally, generators require maintenance, the engine oil needs to be changed, and they need to be exercised periodically. Solar panels need almost no maintenance, perhaps in a prolonged dry spell; the dust could be washed off once in a while.


Solar powered backup system requires no fuel and if properly sized can run your critical household electric load indefinitely. These systems can be individually sized according to the load calculations. Additionally, they can be configured as a normally solar powered system that is backed up by the electrical grid.


The electrical grid can be used as a standby in case the batteries get too low. A reserve charge can be built in to the battery bank to run the critical loads in absence of both sun and grid power.

Prolonged Power Backup Systems


Unscheduled / Scheduled Power cuts can cause your business to suffer horrible loses. The reason for all the power load shedding and blackouts is largely because of low capacity to satisfy the local demand.


There has been an accumulation of overwhelming evidence that our country’s ability to generate adequate electrical power is being compromised by the persistent high copper production and fast growth of new household and industrial installations.


Power interruptions in many cases are an inconvenience that leads to revenue losses as well as damage to products, processes and services. What this means is that sensitive products such as networking equipment, refrigerated products, IT server processes or even services that highly depend on electricity will be adversely affected.


In the light of these glooming predictions, we at Next Solutions Limited wish to interest you to incorporate our automated battery-­‐inverter systems that guarantee continuous power supply to all your sensitive loads and therefore shielding you from unwanted losses.



Cyber Security


We are a one-stop shop for top-of-the-range cybersecurity, cyber threat intelligence, and network security solutions.


The solutions we offer empower organizations to make better decisions, faster. Among the many benefits, the solutions contribute greatly to threat analysis, vulnerability management, incident response, and accelerate triage while enhancing visibility with external context.

To enhance network security, we offer firewall services as well.


To enhance our cybersecurity profile, we have partnered with world-class cybersecurity service providers who have been in the game for years.

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